Hospitality Workshops

The experts of Emirates Green Building Council have developed modules covering the key operations of a property that can benefit from implementing sustainability-related initiatives.


The following topics have been addressed addressed within the modules:

  • Green Hospitality and Sustainability: climate change, environment, setting sustainability targets, assessment and measurement of property’s sustainability achievements, potential hotel programs
  • Water Management: reasons and strategies to reduce water consumption, equipments/technologies, methods of implementation, evaluation
  • Energy Management: reasons and strategies to reduce energy consumption, equipments/technologies, methods of implementation, evaluation
  • Strategy for Responsible and Efficient Retrofit/Refurbishment and Responsible Procurement: lifecycle, strategies, 3 Rs, carbon emissions
  • Waste Management: waste reduction strategies, segregation, education and signage
  • Sustainable Food & Beverage: understanding eco-labelled/organic/local food, ways to reduce food waste
  • Sustainable Housekeeping: existing programs and initiatives, education and engagement
  • Communications and Education: how to engage staff and guests to be part in environmental initiatives
  • CSR and Community Development: internal policies and corporate standards, human right, events and engagements

Availability and Facilitation

The modules are developed in a format that can be tailored to assist any level of hotel staff, addressing general facts on green hospitality for those less informed, while also covering more technical aspects that can support the engineering department. The level of customization will therefore change upon request and actual needs of each group.

The workshops can be facilitated in the EmiratesGBC office in Dubai or directly in the hotel premises.

Costs associated to the workshops’ planning and conduction are shared upon request and based on duration, level of technical details, and agreed venue.

Expression of interest

To enquire about the EmiratesGBC Training Modules and Hospitality Program, please contact the office at or +971 (04) 346 8244