Greening the Hospitality Sector

How to green the Hospitality Sector?

Greening a property needs to take into account two main components:

  • the property’s design and physical performances; and
  • the hotel’s daily operations

All components need to be considered and continuously assessed simultaneously.


What can be done?

Invite all hospitality professionals to consider the following:

  • Engage Hoteliers on green initiatives and related financial, technical and operational benefits
  • Help identify areas of actions and apply corrective/proactive measures
  • Raise awareness towards staff and end-users (i.e. hotel guests)

Position Emirates Green Building Council as a key stakeholder and support provider:

  • Conduct workshops covering key areas of actions
  • Develop green benchmarking data and analytical reports for the U.A.E. hotels
  • Be recognized as a knowledge platform for green technologies, design practices and operations
  • Cooperate with U.A.E. Authorities on eco-tourism and green buildings
  • Promote the Green Key Program