Green Key – Certification Process

In order for a property to receive Green Key certification, it must meet a series of sustainability criteria which cover both the operational sides of the property’s activities, as well as technical elements which will positively impact on the building’s energy and water consumption.

The application process requires the property to submit its application with supporting documentation and participate in an audit to ensure criteria has been met and best practices are being implemented.

Upon successful application, audit and validation from the Green Key National Jury, the hotel is awarded with the Green Key certification, to be renewed on a yearly basis.

Did you know?

The Green Key certification evolves around the concept of continuous improvement: The work is not done after the certification is awarded, and year after year a certified property needs to show it has improved its green performance by reducing its utilities consumption, increasing awareness campaigns towards guests and staff, upgraded its facilities.

To help the hotels identify potential areas of improvements, the Green Key baseline criteria include mandatory items as well as “guideline criteria” whose share needs to be increased each year.