Green Key – FAQ

This page compiles questions and answers with regard to Green Key, the implementation of green principles and the application process itself.

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Green Key – General
There are many benefits in becoming Green Key certified, including amongst others:

  • optimized processes for energy & water conservation and waste management, and the related financial savings;
  • areas in the hotel’s operations where signage, training and communications are needed;
  • sense of belonging
  • visibility as eco-certified hotel in online travel platforms: BookDifferent, Expedia, Glooby, Ticati, HRS, BookGreener, BookGreener);
  • visibility through online communications: PR, EmiratesGBC and Green Key International respective newsletters and websites.
Each year and after validation of the certification process by the Green Key National Jury and payment of the annual fees, properties receive an official letter of certification, the Green Key annual certificate and a sticker to be placed on the Green Plaque (received on Year 1).

Green Key International offers the possibility to purchase other items such as flags, pins, …

Certification Process
Before filling in the application form we strongly advise you share the list of criteria with your heads of departments and green committee / green Champions to assess your current situation and implement corrective actions.

The following questions should help you:

  • Do i have the required policies, SOPs, trainings, signage…in place?
  • Do i have the required documents and proofs of compliance available and sorted?
  • What are my motivations to be certified and how do i want to make it a success?
The length of the certification process depends on your level of preparedness and measures you might need to implement to be compliant. It is advised to use the Green Key baseline criteria list as a reference and pass it on to all departments to make sure all have everything in place.

Overall the process, from the preparation of the application, the collection and review of documentation, the audit and validation from the National Jury, can take up to 3 months.

As the only not-for-profit eco-certification in the world, Green Key provides you with recognition for your green achievements at a competitive cost.

Please send an email to to request a letter of quotation.

Hotels that are planning to be Green Key certified are audited on Year 1, Year 2 and every third year (i.e. Year 5, Year 8, …).

As National Operator however, we are entitled to visit your property at any time to ensure that all Green Key standards remain to the highest level.