Benchmarking Program

The EmiratesGBC’s Benchmarking Program is a first of its kind in the UAE and MENA Region. The program benchmarks energy and water consumption in a transparent, comprehensive and cross-sector manner in order to assess the built environment’s impact on the environment; thereby assisting in optimising strategies, regulations and initiatives towards better efficiencies.

The objective of the Benchmarking Program is to place the UAE at the forefront of urban sustainability by benchmarking the performance of all buildings, to measure performance metrics such as energy and water in a cross-sector manner, and to establish a knowledge base of data and key analytical information.

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Energy Efficiency Program

The Energy Efficiency Program (EEP) is a market-influencing and capacity-building platform created by EmiratesGBC to facilitate the reduction of the UAE’s carbon footprint through energy efficiency retrofits of existing inefficient buildings.

As part of EEP, EmiratesGBC has developed a database of products and services provided by its corporate members. This database will facilitate the building retrofit projects by streamlining the energy efficiency market in the UAE, and offer members a chance to share their qualifications with the industry.

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As a key achievement of the EEP, EmiratesGBC launched in 2015 its Technical Guidelines for Retrofitting Existing Buildings, both in English and Arabic. The EmiratesGBC Technical Guidelines compile a set of retrofit methods that building owners, operators and end-users can use to improve a building’s performance in terms of energy and water management.

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Green Key Program

As a non-governmental, non-profit and independent program, Green Key is recognized by the World Tourism Organization and United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and is the world’s largest global hotel eco-certification program. It is present in more than 50 countries and awarded to more than 2300 properties. The program awards hotels on their performance in the fields of water, energy and waste management, as well as for their efforts to communicate with and educate staff and guests on environmental best practices. EmiratesGBC has been working as National Operator of Green Key in the UAE since 2013.

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Emirates Coalition for Green Schools

The Emirates Coalition for Green Schools brings together the UAE’s strongest advocates of green schools, to create a national vision of healthy, high performance schools that are conducive to learning while saving energy, resources and money.

The Global Coalition for Green Schools is comprised of green building councils and other like-minded organizations from around the world working to equip communities with the resources and support they need to transform their schools. EmiratesGBC is a founding member of the Global Coalition.

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Hospitality Program

The Hospitality Program is EmiratesGBC’s first sector-based initiative. The program aims to provide stakeholders of the hotel sector with comprehensive information, such as technical knowledge and operational best practices within the hospitality industry.

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As part of the Hospitality Program, EmiratesGBC is working on developing a hotel benchmarking tool and reporting process to cover water and energy performances. Hotels that are taking part in the program will be asked to provide accurate monthly data which will be recorded and analyzed against other similar hotel properties.

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