Who are CARES?

CARES is an independent, not-for-profit certification body, established in 1983 to provide confidence to the userspurchasers and specifiers of constructional steels through regulation, testing and inspection. For the benefit of the construction industry CARES offers certification schemes for companies that produce materials and components or offer services, primarily to the reinforced concrete industry. Customers who specify CARES approved companies and products have confidence that they comply with the relevant standards without any need for further verification. The Policy Advisory Committee (PAC), the strategy and policy making body of CARES comprises the following Members:

Specifier Contractor User
• Association of Consultancy and Engineering

• Institution of Structural Engineers

• The Highways Agency

• UK Contractors Group

• Civil Engineering Contractors Association


• Heathrow Airport Holdings Ltd.

• Southern Water Services Ltd.

Manufacturer (Producer) Manufacturer (Processing) UK CARES
• UK Steel Association Hot Rolled Long Products Group

• Post Tensioning Association

• British Association for Reinforcement • Independent Chairman

• Executive Officers of UK CARES

For locations of CARES approved organisations, please refer to our website:

What is the CARES Sustainable Constructional Steel (SCS) Scheme?

The Scheme has been specifically developed for the constructional steel supply chain using the most relevant performance indicators. It enables approved firms in the CARES approved supply chain to declare product and organisational sustainability performance. Accredited by the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS), the CARES SCS Scheme quantifies the environmental and social impact of the constructional steel supply chain. The scheme complies with BS 8902: 2009 ‘Responsible sourcing sector certification schemes for construction products’. This standard provides a framework for the responsible management, development, content and operation of sector certification schemes for supply of construction products. Using products from CARES SCS approved firms enables the industry to demonstrate the responsible sourcing of construction products and its commitment to sustainable development. Reinforcing steel products produced by CARES approved firms are fully traceable and uniquely identifiable, allowing a chain of custody throughout the whole supply chain, from mill to site. This unbroken chain provides an assurance that sustainability is being pursued in their supply chain so allowing the end user to know the source and manufacturing processes used as well as the post-industrial use, recovery and recycling processes.

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