Twintec Middle East Industrial Flooring L.L.C

Twintec is a specialist design and build concrete flooring contractor offering a total responsibility package for the floor slab within environments such as warehouses, hangars, manufacturing units and exhibition halls. Offering end users a complete service from early stage design advise to construction of the slab and warranty for peace of mind. The Twintec vision is to provide a personal product through a total offer concept with a high level of performance, environmental sustainability and aesthetics worldwide.

Twintec recognises that its activities have an effect on the world we live in. Care for the environment and a commitment to developing sustainable solutions for future developments is a fundamental part of our business practices. We seek to minimise the environmental impact of design and contracting operations by: efficient use of natural resources, minimising waste, reducing at source greenhouse gases, conserving energy/water, use of recycled materials and responsible sourcing. We believe that reducing our environmental footprint is not only vital to the continued success and quality of our business and the service we provide, but that we have a social responsibility to care for and protect the environment for our generation and future generations to come.