Smart4Power LLC

Smart4Power, a UAE-based company with its head office in Dubai, specializes in energy efficiency solutions for existing buildings in the Middle East. Smart4Power provides turnkey efficiency engineering services, including energy audits, implementation of retrofit improvements, and measurement and verification (M&V) of savings.


From initial assessment through installation, Smart4Power focuses on every aspect of energy use within building assets, including HVAC, lighting, building management systems (BMS) and controls, pumps and motors, building envelope, and occupancy behavior. Recommendations are based on feasibility, with an emphasis on achieving an attractive payback periods.


Founded in 2012, Smart4Power’s has quickly developed a broad client base, executing projects for UAE government agencies; the hospitality, healthcare, and education sectors; facility management companies and owners’ associations; high-rise commercial and residential buildings; and private villas.


Smart4Power operates as an ESCO as part of its strategic partnership with ALEC. Through ESCO contracts, Smart4Power absorbs the upfront outlay of clients’ whole building retrofits, recouping investments by taking a portion of predicted monthly energy cost savings across its project portfolio. Clients are thus able to reap the benefits of energy efficiency without having to bear any of the burden of hefty on-balance sheet CAPEX.