Smart City Robotics Limited

Smart City Robotics Ltd. is the world leading provider of Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) robotic parking technology.

We want to transform the urban landscape by better integrating parking systems with the intelligent and green cities of tomorrow.

To implement this vision, Smart City Robotics is bringing a highly connected robotic system revolving around the latest AGV generation.

The advanced robotics applications enable to offer the most sustainable, cutting-edge and efficient existing robotic parking systems.

Our years of local and international experience in the automated parking field, combined with partnerships with leading US robotic design bureau gives us a distinctive stance in the marketplace.

We are based in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, UAE, with our technology being manufactured in the USA.

Our system monitors each robots, including their maintenance level and electricity consumptions, and share this data with the overall building management as well as our maintenance teams

Our robots are designed to work collaboratively, use advance Artificial Intelligence and navigation systems to offer the shortest retrieval times available today. With no single point of failures and multiple redundancies, we are uniquely position to tackle garages of several thousand cars capacity each.