Pactive Sustainable Solutions

“Pactive” is combination of Passive and Active strategies in sustainable building technique, which help in optimising energy consumption and make buildings more greener. Pactive Sustainable Solutions was formed in February 2015 by a team of young and enthusiastic professionals who quit well-paid jobs to realise their dreams of making our environment and buildings better places to live and work at. The well qualified and experienced team aims at making new and existing buildings more energy efficient by incorporating passive/active design and operation strategies and help building owners reduce their operating cost.

We deliver energy efficiency through optimisation of:  HVAC system, Pump System, Motors and Drives, Electrical systems, Building Automation System, Plumbing system, Lighting system, Architectural design –envelope & other passive strategies.

Team Pactive comprises of Certified Energy Manager (CEM), MSc in Sustainable Building Design, LEED Certified Professionals, Automation Engineers, Mechanical/Electrical Engineers and Architects with years of experience in building energy audits, energy management, design and commissioning of building technology systems, building automation and control system, HVAC system, lighting systems and other mechanical & electrical systems.

Pactive is an accredited (provisional) ESCO by Dubai Govt and also a corporate member of Emirates Green Building Council (EGBC).