Mas Paints & Chemical Industry

MAS PAINTS AND CHEMICAL INDUSTRY specializes in decorative paints and coating solutions. It provides services that cater the demand of both corporate and individual customers. MAS is widely known for Italian decorative paints based in Jebel Ali. Since then, the company has continued to advance rapidly and as result, the factory has been moved to bigger facilities in Sajja Industrial Area, to accommodate the demands locally, GCC, CIS region, Far East, Africa and Europe.

MAS PAINTS is widely known as pioneer in high performance wood coatings in the Middle East. Through its manufacturing units and showrooms, a wide range of decorative and wood finishing products are offered to end users, from traditional NC and PU, to the latest applications of UV curing and the low VOC lacquers (solvents and water-based). In addition, our product range includes Dyes, Stains, Thinners, Acid Curing, Polyester, Acrylics, Epoxy (for industrial application), Architectural paints and Special Effect decorative paints, where the most severe finishing applications from reputable hotels and palaces are met.

Updating the conventional system, our Research and Development Department, where a staff of chemists and technicians are assisted by paint experts, continuously diversifying our product range based on the market trend and improve alternatives to market benchmark.

MAS PAINTS was accredited ISO 9001:2008 with our major commitment for improvements in products, processes and customer’s service