James Cubitt & Partners Company

James Cubitt and Partners is one of the leading Design, Engineering and Project Management Consultancy firms. We implement our innovative ideas along with our clients, to enhance human lives in the environment of world communities.

James Cubitt is a multi-disciplinary community of independent thinkers: Architects, Engineers, Planners and Project Managers. Our culture thrives on intellectual challenge, where you will find us passionate, analytical and dedicated.

James Cubitt provides engineering, management and specialist technical services for public and private sector clients globally. With an office network extending across 12 countries, James Cubitt has been involved in projects across Africa, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Australia and Europe. Our employs are diversified to serve 11 industry markets.

We are committed to continually update and improve our professional skills base, and we successfully research, develop and sustain outstanding professional knowledge appropriate to the needs of our group.

We’re continually strengthening our business to make sure we are providing the services our customers deserved wherever it is located. Our multi geographical locations and our technical abilities are combined to make us a powerful partner for our clients.

Our continuous presence in United Arab Emirates since 1996 has been very fruitful and our involvement in the development of United Arab Emirates is significant.