Haris Al Afaq (L.L.C)

Haris Al Afaq LLC, was formed in the UAE in 1968 and grown into the rest of the Southern Arabian Gulf with offices in the major Emirates, Oman and Qatar. Haris Al Afaq is made up of Chemicals, Electrical and Instrumentation divisions. The Instrumentation Division of HAA is the Gulf’s major distributor of well-known brand names in the field of Test & Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment, Precision Measurement Equipment for Primary and Secondary Laboratories, as well as Energy Efficient Cooling Systems. These brand names are premier quality suppliers from North America and Europe, such as Fluke, Megger, Baur, Delta Elektronika, Cofely, PdMA amongst others.

It is essential for the Gulf countries to move towards energy conservation and green buildings. Today’s world and economies are increasingly intolerant of waste and inefficiency. As a result the leadership and governments of the region are putting an increasing stress on these concepts. This matches exactly with a range of products and services we are supplying such as Cofely Cooling Systems, Thermal Imagers, Power Quality Analyzers and Indoor Air Quality Meters. Energy Efficiency Surveys, Thermal Surveys, Power Quality Analysis, Vibration analysis and other services from our qualified staff and suppliers allow building and industrial managers to optimise ROI, reduce consumption and provide enough information to grow and develop into the modern world of Green concepts.

Our technical support engineers are certified Level I & II (BINDT, UK) in Thermography, Power Quality, Vibration, Motor & Rotating machine analysis techniques. Apart from training end users on usage of their tools we offer onsite consultancy services to help users trouble shoot and diagnose their problems in the fields of facility management, building automation, process instrumentation etc. State-of-the-art ISO 9001:2008 certified calibration centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi support customers with their needs in Calibration.

We, and our suppliers, look forward to working with the EGBC and all other interested parties in moving the UAE forward into a green future by creating synergies between all our skills in a mutually beneficial and creative atmosphere.
Website: http://www.haris.ae