H P L Pests Control Services L.L.C

HPL is a unique Eco friendly pest control company based in the UAE. We are dedicated to constantly exploring and developing new products and methods to allow for the utilization of toxic-free pest control treatments. Our aim is simple, we wish to work in tandem with UAE regulatory authorities and our clients to create a paradigm shift in the way pest control is currently undertaken here in the Emirates, to create practical and effective turnkey solutions. We at HPL are using our knowledge and expertise to assist and educate our clients, and help them understand how, in partnership we can not only achieve improved results, but also begin to eliminate all harmful chemical practices. This innovative approach radically reduces the chance of exposing the public, pets and wildlife to risk of any contamination and most importantly the environment in general to any ecological risk. We are working to achieve this by securing exclusive distribution rights in the UAE with our partners for our ever expanding suite of products, as well as developing our own, designed specifically for the local market with the aim of ultimately achieving a range of completely non-toxic treatment plans.