Gerab Energy Systems LLC

Gerab Energy Systems LLC a recently conceived subsidiary of the Gerab Group of Companies has been formed by professionals from the energy and Control fields (industry) who have come together to share their experience and expertise and bring energy efficient and energy saving products and solutions to our region.

The Gerab Group has diverse businesses in Oil and Gas, Real Estate, IT, Facilities Management etc. and employs 350 staff across the GCC, India and the USA.

Gerab Energy’s solutions include electro mechanical, energy efficient & energy saving systems and sophisticated intelligent electronic systems specially used in energy sub‐metering, monitoring and control. The energy systems we offer, helps audit existing load, reduce energy consumption, improve power factor, and prolong the lifespan of equipment like motors, compressors lighting etc.

Our solutions are developed for various industries and can be beneficial especially to the mid & heavy industries, Hospitality industry, Commercial buildings, Cold value supply chain operations, Hospitals, Multi‐story Car parks and Residential buildings.

Our products meter energy consumption and our solutions provide subsequent cost savings to follow. This will help investors utilize the minimum energy required resulting in a maximum return on their investments.

As the world now begins to realize the importance of saving our planet from greenhouse gasses and the resulting environmental disasters, many nations have started investing in research and technology worldwide. Results of this research have yielded the emergence of new products, technologies and solutions. In order to stay updated with the ever emerging technologies Gerab Energy is proud to bring the benefits of these developments to our region.