Al Yousuf Greentech (Br of Al Yousuf L.L.C)

The Group

Al Yousuf GreenTech (AGT) is a member of Al Yousuf Group – a global organization that has strengthened immeasurably over the past 60 years. Al Yousuf Group has played and continues to occupy a major role in various industries and sectors of the region. Its operation ranging from motor vehicles, real estate development to home appliances, IT solutions, electronics, food and computer operating systems. Al Yousuf partners with only world-class greatest brands such as Yamaha, Daihatsu, Suzuki, LG, Avaya, NEC to name few.

The Company

AGT GreenTech is one of the few leading companies able to provide exceptional solutions through multiple leading brands to fulfill today’s highly demanding market in terms of saving and monitoring energy in any building that we occupy. We provide complete building and home automation using our expertise with some of the leading brands in the business.