Current Pledges

EmiratesGBC members are encouraged to issue their own specific corporate commitments, demonstrating the ambition of your business to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the built environment.

EGBC Logo SmallWe pledge to support the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government strategies and goals for national development within the UAE vision 2021, the ‘Green Growth Strategy’ and the UAE Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) submission to COP21 to increase clean energy to 24% of the total energy mix by 2021. We will continue to align with the UAE vision and provide leadership in transforming the built environment to minimize carbon emissions, resource use and waste. To read more, click here.

Griffin New Logo OriginalWe commit to dedicating one day per month over the next five years of pro bono time for educational initiatives and other industry efforts that tackle the climate change and energy reduction causes. We also commit to influencing our clients and customers to reduce the use of resources by demonstrating and proposing innovative and financially attractive solutions to sustainable design and construction.

egbc-home-member_DSA ArchitectsWe are committed to reducing our paper wastage by 40% within our practice along with our partners and clients by 2021. This will take the form of relying on soft copy documentations and BIM, along with using recycled paper for presentation and print material when needed. We are also committed to developing and sharing knowledge to deliver a zero carbon built environment, whilst supporting and demonstrating the environmental and economic benefits of sustainable buildings and low carbon retrofitting to our clients

Peopla_Green_Technologies_LogoWe are committed to supply the most sustainable and innovative technologies that will contribute towards meeting UAE 2021 vision targets  of 24% – Clean energy contribution and 90% – Air quality Index.

By 2020, we will educate 15,000 Construction professionals and Engineering students in Sustainability and green buildings practices all over the UAE in alignment with our mission – to educate People TODAY, to create a sustainable Planet for TOMORROW.

egbc-home-member-ch2mBy 2017, CH2M will reduce its carbon footprint by 25 percent, starting from a baseline year in 2012. Inspired by the creative ways its clients and partners are committed to creating a healthy and vibrant economy, society and environment for future generations, CH2M decided to establish a 5 percent annual reduction commitment and urge other companies and organizations to join in

B K Gulf LLCBK Gulf will set a road map to reach the COP21 targets and significantly reduce our carbon footprint. 2016 will be a year of awareness for internal and external stakeholders who will then be engaged in the target setting process and road map production. The ultimate goal is to reduce the BK Gulf contribution to the global emission of greenhouse gases, whilst allowing the company to develop sustainably.