Building Retrofit Training – FAQs

Industry Professionals, Building Owners, Building Operators, and end-users will all benefit from the BRT course. The Level ONE course is a Beginner course suitable for all levels of technical capacity, while the Level Two course is an Advanced course and recommended for industry professionals looking to build their capacity on retrofit.

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Courses are offered in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai. For more details on course locations, you may find them here.

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Courses are offered at two levels

Level ONE: Level ONE is a beginner level training provides foundational knowledge of sustainability to primarily non-technical participants and industry professionals who want an overview of viable retrofit methods applicable in the Gulf region. Level ONE is a one-day workshop only.

Level TWO: Level TWO is an advanced course training that provides relatively more technical knowledge than Level ONE, and prepares candidates for inclusion into ongoing retrofit projects and a streamlining of their own technical capacity for more effective post-retrofit maintenance and preventive care. Level TWO is a three-day workshop.

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The Advanced Level TWO course is scheduled to be launched in the first quarter of 2018.

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The Building Retrofit Training program is currently an in-house training program which can complement other recognized certifications such as LEED, CEM and the like.

The area of accreditation is currently being reviewed and researched, stay tuned for more updates.

Eligibility for Continued Education hours are currently under review. Stay tuned for more updates on this space.

The Level ONE course is recommended but is not required as a prerequisite for the Level TWO course.

The BRT Program is operated in partnership with the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy and MASDAR and supports the technical capacity toward achieving energy efficiency in existing buildings in the Middle East, being conversant with the Demand Side Management Strategy 2030. It is a voluntary training program and is not mandated under the current UAE regulations.

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