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The EmiratesGBC Technical Guidelines for Retrofitting Existing Building serves as the textbook of the Building Retrofit Training (BRT) Program as it provides organized and resourceful information for stakeholders seeking to be educated on the viable retrofit methods.

As part of the course registration, each participant receives a copy of the Technical Guidelines as their course textbook. Additional copies are available for purchase in both Arabic and English through EmiratesGBC. The details of the Technical Guidelines can be found here.

Course Content
Building Management Categories
The Building Retrofit Training workshop content is informed by over 30 retrofit methods that are applicable and financially viable for the UAE and MENA region. The below table lists a sample of the key topics and retrofit activities that are taught during the course.
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Energy auditing | Recommissioning | Air-Conditioning systems | Thermal Insulation | Electrical Network Optimization | Building air-tightness |Solar PV systems and more.
Water management and auditing | Water efficient fixtures | Graywater systems | Condensate recovery | Landscaping and irrigation
Air Quality
Indoor air quality | Energy recovery ventilation | Indoor air quality testing | Demand controlled ventilation | Outdoor air quality
Materials & Waste
Operational waste management | Green purchasing policy
Innovative Management
Tenant education and awareness | FM staff training | Hazardous building material safety