2018 MENA Green Building Awards – Terms and Conditions

  • Awards categories are open to all organizations operating in the MENA region including public and private sector enterprises, associations, consultants and practitioners.
  • Applications are limited to companies, organisations and institutes and not individuals. Individual applicants are encouraged to apply through their respective organisation.
 Online form available on the EmiratesGBC website.

 Maximum 10-pages synopsis that covers the applicant’s details and project description. This synopsis is the most important document in the application and should properly address the criteria presented in the Applicant Guidelines. Applicants are therefore advised to submit a concise, well-structured synopsis with indexed annexure as the crucial part of the application, and a decisive factor for the Judges to decide. Should the synopsis not respect the content and size requirements, the Judges are entitled to penalize the applicant through the rating system.

 Supporting materials will play an important role in the judging process as they can assist the decisions of the judging panel. However all key information should be available in the synopsis. Material may include Reports, Brochures, CDs, Sales Figures, Brand Media Coverage, Clippings, Photos, Research Documents, Website and Testimonials. However promotional or marketing items will not be considered relevant to support the application and illustrate results. All materials received by EmiratesGBC will be retained. Confidentiality of all materials will be strictly maintained.

 Entry Fees – see below section.

Entries should be made in English or Arabic. Entries in any other language will not be considered for review and rating.

  • Fees: Payment in full must accompany each Awards entry. Entry fees are not refundable and are inclusive of 5% VAT.
  • Amount: 525 Dirham for first application, 262.50 Dirham for each supplementary application.
  • Mode of Payment: Entry fee is payable by cheque, or cash, or bank transfer to EmiratesGBC.
  • For international bank transfers: The bank fees related to international transfer and currency exchange should be entirely borne by the applicant who should do the necessary arrangements in coordination with his/her banking establishments.
  • Payment and deadline: The entry fee needs to be paid prior to the identification of short-listed organizations by the Judges and Auditors.
The submissions will be reviewed and rated based on the following criteria:

  • 20 points to cover the completion of the application against the requirements of each Award Category and the organization’s profile.
  • 80 points to cover the requirements specific to each Award category as detailed in the below descriptions.

Refer to the 2018 Applicant Guidelines for the specific details of each Award category.

All applications must be completed and submitted via:

  • Online submission (recommended) through EmiratesGBC website or awards email (awards@emiratesgbc.org)
  • Hand-delivered in electronic format to the EmiratesGBC Head office at: Al Joud Center, M-20, Shk. Zayed Rd., Dubai, UAE

Upon reception, entries will be acknowledged by email.

Closing Date for Submission: All applications must reach EmiratesGBC before midnight (UAE time) on 01 February 2018 latest.

  • Submission Deadline:  01 February 2018 midnight (UAE time)
  • Notification of short-listed Organizations: 19 April 2018 latest
  • 2018 MENA Green Building Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner: 09 May 2018, Dubai

Applicant Guidelines

Click here to access the 2018 MENA Green Building Awards Applicant Guidelines and review the Terms and Conditions.

You will find in these Guidelines:

  • An introduction of the 2018 MENA Green Building Awards.
  • The 2018 Terms and Conditions.
  • The description of the 2018 Award Categories and their respective requirements.
  • The questions that will need to be answered in your application.

Reading the Applicant Guidelines is mandatory before applying; they will provide you with the necessary guidance to build and structure your application.

Now that you have read the terms and conditions and Applicant Guidelines:

Click here to apply!


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