2014 EmiratesGBC Awards

The 2014 EGBC Awards Program honors companies that demonstrate clear implementation of sustainable design, construction and/or operation of buildings and structures. Its ultimate goal is to help establish a regional model for the sustainable built environment that is world class and replicable.

The winning organizations will be rewarded during the next EGBC Gala Dinner that will take place on Wednesday 11 June 2014 at the Grosvenor House in Dubai.

2013 Awards

View the winning organizations for 2013 and their respective categories on the 2013 Awards and 2nd Annual Congress webpage.


  • Emrill Services LLC
  • Jotun Paints
  • Caparol Paints
  • Leviton
  • The 2014 EmiratesGBC Awards are open to all organizations including public and private sector enterprises, associations, consultants and practitioners who are able to clearly demonstrate innovation and a high level of excellence in sustainable principles and practices in the MENA Region.
  • Applications and relevant proofs of payment must be submitted by Thursday April 17th, 2014 by 5pm (UAE time) latest.
  • Projects submitted must be in the MENA region to be eligible.
  • Applicants are able to submit to more than one category, as long as they meet the judging criteria for each award. Entry fee must be paid for each submission.
  • The applicant needs to review and agree with the 2014 Awards Terms and Conditions available in the Applicant Guidelines.
The submissions will be reviewed and rated based on the following criteria:

  • 35 points to reward the completion of the application against the requirements of each Award Category: the requested documents to apply to the EGBC Awards have been provided and duly filled; they are well referenced and relevant to the chosen Category.
  • 5 points to reward the organization’s profile: The individual/company submitting the application is implementing environmental standards/CSR measures internally (if this information is not included in the synopsis, it should be either available on the applicant’s website and/or submitted upon request)
  • 60 points to cover the requirements specific to each Award category as detailed in the below descriptions.
  • Fees: Payment in full must accompany each Awards entry. Entry fees are not refundable.
  • Amount: 500 Dirham for first application, 250 Dirham for each supplementary application.
    • Example:
      Organization A applies for one Award category, entry fees to be paid: AED 500.
      Organization B applies for 2 Award categories, entry fees to be paid: 500 + 250 = AED 750.
  • Mode of Payment: Entry fee is payable by cheque, or cash, or bank transfer to EGBC. Applicants should contact the EGBC office to receive bank details, which will be provided at time of invoicing.
  • Payment and deadline: The entry fee needs to be paid prior to the identification of short-listed organizations by the Judges. In case any delay occurs in the banking process, the EGBC Office should be notified at the earliest and a copy of the payment statement should be provided to confirm the payment has been processed as per deadline (April 17th, 2014).
    As delays in payment should be strongly avoided, the EGBC Office Team will be managing such cases on individual basis and gives itself the right to disregard applications should the company not provide sufficient guarantees regarding its financial processes.
  • In case the payment is not processed and received as per deadline, the application will be disregarded and removed from the submissions provided to the Judges for review.

Applicant Guidelines

To support the 2014 application process, Applicant Guidelines have been made available on the 2014 EGBC Awards website with the aim at facilitating the understanding of criteria and preparation of the mandatory synopsis. These guidelines, addressed to the organizations willing to apply, are comprised of the following:

  1. Description of each of the Award categories, including their respective requirements;
  2. Questions and bullet points to cover the items that should be addressed in the 10-page synopsis;
  3. Terms and Conditions that need to be reviewed and approved by the applicants before submitting their files, including Eligibility criteria and procedures.
View the Applicant Guidelines here.

Award Categories and Submission Criteria

In 2014, the following Categories will be rewarded:


Award 1 rewards a finalized building in the MENA region whose construction and completion has respected the highest sustainability standards and included innovation in design and processes.

  • Description: A building finalized in the past 2 years (between 2012 and 2014) in the MENA region that shows excellence in terms of design, construction site management, waste and green standards.
  • Eligibility: Includes all commercial and public buildings, hotels…that have been finalized in the MENA region as per the above-mentioned time frame. Submissions from any key stakeholder involved in the project (designer, architect, contractor, owner), joint-submissions allowed.
  • Mandatory submission:
    • 10-page max. synopsis describing the organization leading the building itself (including design plans, contractor implementation and final product), the implemented standards, and key data in relation to these points;
    • Annex documents: technical documentation to illustrate the information provided in the synopsis.

Award 2 rewards a UAE based Facility Management (FM) organization for its commitments towards sustainability.

  • Description: a FM organization located in the UAE which shows excellence in delivering key FM services to its building portfolio and gives sustainability and environmental stewardship a great place in its activities.
  • Eligibility: FM company based and active in the UAE.Residential, commercial and industrial properties.
  • Mandatory submission:
    • 10-page max. synopsis describing the organization, its portfolio, its activities and its key achievements with regard to sustainability and green standards;
    • Annex documents: any documentation to illustrate the information provided in the synopsis.

Award 3 rewards the successful introduction to the MENA region of a construction material or product/component which addresses green building principles. This Award takes into account the products’ function, its form or the location of its production.

  • Description: A material/product/component introduced to the MENA region or a specific location in the region, within the last 5 years, and not previously available in the MENA region, leads to significantly improved sustainability performance over business as usual.
  • Eligibility: the product has been introduced to the MENA region within the last 5 years and was not previously available on the market.
  • Mandatory submission:
    • 10-page max. synopsis describing the organization, the product/material/component and its technical specifications;
    • Annex documents: Verifiable data which supports the claim that the material/product/component was not available in the region (or in a specific location in the region) previously, and that it leads to improved sustainability performance. Verifiable data of significantly improved performance over Business as Usual.

Award 4 rewards a building system that provides a more sustainable solution to green building construction than traditional construction methods (reinforced concrete frame, poured on site, with block work infill).

  • Description: An alternative construction system that demonstrates improved performance over reinforced concrete frame with block work infill, including for instance better sound and thermal insulation, better air tightness, fewer wet trades on site, more prefabrication, etc.
  • Eligibility: the product has been introduced to the MENA region within the last 5 years and was not previously available on the market.
  • Mandatory submission:
    • 10-page max. synopsis describing the organization, the building and its technical specifications;
    • Annex documents: Details and verifiable data of alternative construction method and improved performance

Award 5 rewards research that establishes dependable data, in an area not previously available, related to green building performance.

  • Description: Research should deal with the performance of materials, components, equipment or completed buildings and should be applicable to MENA region. It should provide replicable verified data which can be used by the industry in the further development of green buildings.
  • Eligibility: applicable to the MENA region, verifiable and duplicable data that validates the research outcomes.
  • Mandatory submission :
    • 10-page max. synopsis describing the organization developing the research, the details of the research (= paper), verifiable data, its aims and outcomes.

Award 6 rewards the best sustainability training initiative in the MENA region.

  • Description: The introduction of training to improve the understanding of sustainability issues in the construction industry, or in the segment of the construction industry in which the company operates.
  • Eligibility: an organization (public, private and Academia sectors) which implemented training initiatives, internally (staff, management) or to the attention of the public (community development) or other professionals in the MENA region. The initiative took place in 2013.
  • Mandatory submission:
    • 10-page max. synopsis describing the organization, the training initiatives (content, attendance, outcomes)
    • Annex documents: verifiable data on the course(s), their content, their implementation and their internal coverage.

This special Award, sponsored by EGBC co-Founder Dr. Sadek Owainati, specifically rewards a student from a recognized university in the UAE who has conducted exceptional research work in a subject related to green buildings in the Middle East.

  • Eligibility: The Awards is open to an academically accepted thesis submitted for a post-graduate degree or final year undergraduate university research project report or dissertation in the MENA region.
  • Paper topic: The research should be directly applicable to green building design, technology, construction or operation; with emphasis on its applicability in the MENA region. It is critical that the topic relates to green buildings as a built structure, and preferably addresses an already-existing building.
  • Submission: Entry from university students attending university in the UAE. Students must be studying engineering, architecture or science. Submission of research produced within the last 2 years of work on a subject as described above.
  • Supporting Documents:
    1. Copy of academic research document;
    2. Supporting data;
    3. 600 word essay explaining why the submission is worthy of the accolade;
    4. Assessment and recommendations from two (2) faculty staff who are familiar with the student’s work.

* Entry fee does not apply to students submitting application for this Award.

The period to submit your application to the 2014 EmiratesGBC Awards is now closed. The organizations will be notified whether they have been short-listed during the first week of June. Should you have any questions, contact EGBC at office@emiratesgbc.org or +971 (0)4 346 8244
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