Message from Chairman

Saeed Al Abbar ChairmanThe UAE has made considerable strides in strengthening the green building movement, building on its Vision 2021 to be among the best nations in the world.

Emirates Green Building Council has been at the forefront in driving built environment sustainability in the country by extending the sound expertise and positive influence of a large number of our members.

As an independent entity supporting the evolution of the UAE as a ‘green economy’, EmiratesGBC serves as a common platform for all stakeholders in the building industry supply chain   to meet, interact, discuss and exchange ideas for promoting sustainable built environments.

Our vision is to be the prime driver in facilitating the nation’s rapid evolution as a global leader in reducing the ecological footprint of the built environment. To achieve this, we strengthen collaborative efforts with industry leaders, academia, governmental entities and other like-minded organisations.

Green buildings, as a concept, have no doubt gained strong appeal among the industry and the public. But to uphold the ‘green building movement,’ it is important to undertake sustained awareness campaigns, promote localised innovation, share regional best practice and demonstrate an unwavering commitment.

The building industry must take into account the planet’s finite available resources, and in turn, design and build living environments to maximise resource use efficiency. To be socially and environmentally responsible is not an option; it is a responsibility to our future generations.

For years, the argument against sustainable built environments has been the initial costs involved. But this has been proven to be offset by the economic viability of green buildings in the long-run.

The UAE leadership understands the importance of sustainable development and has rolled out several new regulations to support green buildings. A number of path-breaking guidelines are further being formulated.

Adhering to the green building guidelines, which focus on improving energy use efficiency, will enable the UAE to reduce consumption rates and achieve a more sustainable built environment. This will contribute to reducing the country’s ecological footprint and further supporting economic growth. To take our responsibility forward, we must also now also focus on retrofitting our buildings to make them energy efficient.

EmiratesGBC will continue to work diligently to increase awareness and liaise with the regulatory bodies and organisations to ensure all buildings in the UAE achieve ‘green’ status. Together, we can achieve a more sustainable UAE.

I invite you to be a part of the EmiratesGBC and further strengthen our efforts to make our nation, indeed, the best in sustainable built environments.

Saeed Al Abbar
Emirates Green Building Council