About Us

Emirates Green Building Council (EmiratesGBC) was formed in 2006, with the goal of advancing green building principles for protecting the environment and ensuring sustainability in the United Arab Emirates.

Since its inception in 2006, there has been significant changes in the attitudes and demands related to the sustainable built environment. The Council has been encouraged by the implementation of green building policies and regulations, by the adoption of consistent rating systems, and by the increase in the overall knowledge sharing and information available on built environments and communities.

As part of this evolution, EmiratesGBC has continued to develop and grow as an organization. In 2009 the Board of Directors and related committees reviewed its Vision and Mission to better reflect what corporate members and partners needed from the Council. In 2015, the Vision and Mission were renewed to align with the latest state of UAE regulations, achievements and objectives:


For the UAE to be a global leader for sustainability in the built environment.


Emirates Green Building Council is a catalyst for collaboration and a hub for excellence to promote sustainability of the built environment in the UAE.

EmiratesGBC Impact Report

EmiratesGBC continued efforts to make the UAE a trend setter for the region’s sustainable goals and initiatives have been effectively achieved, largely due to the synergistic overlapping of its mission with the sustainability goals of the UAE government.

To learn more about the Council’s history, programs and achievements, click here to download the EmiratesGBC Impact Report “Measuring Green Building Progress“.